Pocket City 2 Official Trailer

Hello friends! I just finished uploading the official trailer for Pocket City 2, check it out here: https://youtu.be/BVHQbj6BDO4

I'm wrapping up the alpha/beta test for Pocket City 2 and finalizing the game by fixing bugs and adding a bit more polish. The reception to the beta has been very positive and I'm excited that players seem to enjoy the new features. I hope to finish up all the administrative things to get Pocket City 2 launched in the coming months in mid-2023.

It's been a great experience building Pocket City 2 and I hope to share the game with you soon! Stay tuned by subscribing to email notifications below and I'll send out a message when the game is ready for the world.

Download Pocket City 2:

Download Pocket City 1: