Upcoming Updates - May 2024

Upcoming Updates - May 2024
Finally - skyscrapers!

Hello friends, it's been a while since my last update so I wanted to quickly let you know what's on the roadmap for Pocket City in the near future!

Here's what I have planned for the end of May 2024:

Gamepad support - the game will be fully playable using a controller.
Survival Mode - a new challenge mode where the player has to keep their city operational against rising costs and meet population goals. Players can also unlock perks to use to make it easier.
More content - Additional buildings (skyscrapers), research options, alternate vehicle controls, new throwable items (for fun in free roam), small QOL improvements, and bug fixes.

Reach population goals and avoid bankruptcy in Survival Mode!
Try to survive 100 days in Survival Mode!
Residential skyscrapers will be found in the "Unique" buildings category

After this, I plan to start working on a Steam version of the game and a MacOS version for the Mac App Store. Stay tuned!