Pocket City 2 Progress Update - May 2021

Pocket City 2 Progress Update - May 2021

Wondering what Pocket City 2 will be like? Here is an in-depth look at some of the new features. Things are still subject to change and the visuals are not final, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

Day Night Cycle

A much-requested feature, the day/night cycle makes its appearance in Pocket City 2. Show off your city's spectacular view at night. While mostly a cosmetic feature, it can affect your events and their ratings (see below). A research option for neon lights makes your city even more spectacular at night, as seen below!

Speed up time

A fast-forward button lets you pass time faster. Pocket City has no incentive to keep the player waiting around (there are no pay-to-skip timers after all), so feel free to fast forward if you want zoom ahead in time!


Seasons not only change the way your city looks, but will have unique impacts on how your city functions. Your beaches will get a boost during summer, but don't do much during the winter. Locations such as a ski resort only work during their specific season. Different events do better or worse depending on the season. Seasonal resource-producers, such as farms, will have their production levels changed depending on the season.

Procedural Quests

Pocket City 2 is still a macro-focused game where players work on your city from a high level, but the new quest system will also have you helping individual citizens at the micro level. Look out for quest opportunities from establishments and ordinary citizens. Instead of playing the same sequence of quests in every city, you can find new quests with each playthrough!

Random Encounters

Look around your city and for interesting things or citizens who require your help. These random encounters are simpler than quests and are handled on the spot. See what you can find!


As you complete quests, not only will you earn XP and money, but you will also increase your Relation rating with institutions and citizens. Raise your Relation level to unlock perks!


Similar to Policies in the first game, a new research tree is available for you to unlock skills that will improve your city.

Mega Projects

These are big construction projects that take longer than regular buildings, but have big boosts and earn you a large amount of income during the opening day. Decide how much money to allocate to the project - bigger investments mean bigger more returns!


Natural resources like wood and ore, as well as man-made resources such as consumer goods, play a larger role in Pocket City 2. You can sell your resources, but you may also need them for upgrades, quests, events, and research. They could also play a key role in your economy as well. For example, you could build near the water and start off as a fishing town, or search for minerals and focus on mining.


City events make a return in Pocket City 2, this time with improvements. Now, your events will be rated based on various factors. A better event rating will give more XP. For example, a farmer's market will be more successful if it takes place during daytime, during nice weather, and if there are local farms in the city!

3D Features

Since the game is now in 3D, things can be done that weren't possible in Pocket City 1, such as rotating your buildings, or enjoying a street-level cinematic camera view that lets you see your city up close!

New Buildings

Pocket City 2 will have new buildings of course, and certain ones will have new gameplay mechanics too. The landfill, for example, keeps your city garbage-free but cannot be demolished. However, it can eventually be converted into a park with the right research.

In-depth metrics

The Stats view from Pocket City 1 is improved, now you can expand individual metrics to see why it has a certain value. Screenshot crime safety.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading about the latest development of Pocket City 2. There are plenty more details I haven't touched on yet, but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the new things you will experience in the game. As with Pocket City 1, Pocket City 2 will still be a paid game with no in-app-purchases. Stay tuned for more!