January - May 2019 Updates

January - May 2019 Updates

Thank you for staying tuned in! Pocket City has had several updates since the start of 2019. Here is a list of the changes so far.

New buildings:

  • Mayor's Mansion (achievement)
  • Hovercar Factory (achievement)
  • WealthFast Tower (achievement)
  • Recycling Plant
  • Ski Resort
  • Building Supply Co.

The achievement buildings are unlocked after reaching a difficult milestone in the game, to help add more challenge to the late game.



  • New terrain options: Soil, forests, palm trees
  • New "View building" mode to find specific building types

Balance Changes:

  • Cap land price at $300,000 per lot, including on Expert mode.
  • Earn Cash from Rocket Launch
  • Building Supply Co. reduces supply cost of nearby buildings
  • Reduce # of fire stations needed in hard/expert mode
  • Fix inconsistent upkeep for small vs large zones

Players in the Expert late game noticed that it gets too hard to earn money for new land. The update to cap the land prices and to add the ability to earn significant cash from the Rocket Launch should help address that.

As always, thank you for playing and your support!