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Dev Update: Rail Cars, Cyclists, Terrain, and Cloud Storage

Here's what's new in Pocket City this month.

1. Elevated Railway

pocket city elevated train rail car

  • can cross over roads
  • reduces traffic pollution
  • useful for connecting residential with commercial and industrial zones

2. Cyclists

pocket city cyclists

  • cycling roads will allow cyclists to travel faster, promoting a reduction in traffic

3. Water Terrain

  • still a work in progress, I'd like to make the corners less sharp and make a smoother transition from water to sand
    pocket city river water sand terrain

4. Cloud storage and sharing

Pocket City now has a very simple upload feature. You can publicly upload your city save state at any time, and you get a code for it (similar to how public image hosting sites work).

This allows you to transfer your city to a new device, share your city with a friend, or just as a backup in case your phone data is lost.

It's simple but hopefully effective!
pocket city cloud storage save load

5. Improved pedestrian animations

See here: https://twitter.com/pocketcitygame/status/912112829095964672

6. Under the hood

Some non-visible progress:

  • revamped traffic algorithm
  • successfully deployed test build on iOS
  • performance optimizations
  • converted project from JavaScript to TypeScript

That's all for now, stay tuned!

Download Pocket City 2:

Download Pocket City 1: