Beta Testers Wanted: December 2019 Update

Beta Testers Wanted: December 2019 Update

Pocket City has a big update coming up! If you are interested in participating in the open beta before the official release, check out the opt-in links at the bottom of this page. Here are some of the new features!


You can unlock new areas to build additional cities around your central city. Increasing income in one city will also increase income in all other cities in the region as well. Neighbor cities also have unique effects, depending on the land type.


Policies are upgrades that are unlockable as the player levels up. You can think of Policies as a simple skill tree. Earn points as you level up and spend those points on new policies.

Xp/Cash Bubbles

When your citizens are happy, these smiley face bubbles will appear. These can be tapped for a small XP or cash gain.
smiley bubbles

Rail Improvements

You can now build rails on top of all roads. This changes the old behaviour where you could not build a rail that "turns" on top of a road.
railway pocket city update

Transit Stats

Shows the player some new info about the effect of public transit on the traffic screen.
transit stats pocket city update


  • Disaster reports are now saved
  • Allow multi-build mode for Shipping Docks
  • Various minor bug fixes

If you are interested in trying the beta, use the links below.

The game should continue your existing progress, but if you want to be extra safe, you can upload a backup of your existing city to the cloud before installing the beta version.

iOS Testflight Opt-in

Android Tester Opt-in

Free Version Android Tester Opt-in
(Note: the free verison doesn't include the new "Regions" feature).

Tester information

Some things that are helpful to test:

  • The new features listed above
  • Upload / download cities
  • Transferring old cities to the new version
  • Looking out for any new bugs

Thanks for the interest, and enjoy!